The Beveled Angels were inspired by the women in my life who bring happiness, passion, intelligence, and strength to those around them. Their influence coupled with music result in the designs below.

All Angels are composed of four (4) glass bevels and are approximately 9″ tall by 6″ wide. Each Angel is unique in color and texture due to the glass being hand-mixed and hand-rolled.

Angel patterns are originals and have my signature logo and date placed on the cummerbund. 

If interested in purchasing an Angel, go to the Beveled Angel Order Form.

Disclaimer:  (Online glass photos are meant to provide a general idea of the color and texture that you would receive when purchasing glass. Every sheet of glass is unique and therefore the images you see should only be used as a guideline. Also, computer settings may alter the colors of the images on your screen. Sizes are approximate due to variations in production.)

Song Angels

To view each design, click on the Song Angel below:

  • Victoria – Always Elegant
  • Verah – A Ball of Energy and great potential
  • Carmen – Sweetness and support
  • Susan – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
  • Jeanna – Always moving forward

Music Angels with Instruments

  • Danielle – Cellist, Pianist, Artist, and Scientist
  • Katie – Aspiring Singer, Story Writer, and Artist
  • Anna – Jazz and Rhythm & Blues Singer
  • Kristine – Portrait Artist and Classical Singer