Artist statement

When the “Arts,” visual and performing, have intertwined throughout history it has been typical for the visual to inspire the performing. In my life, music and the visual arts have not only intertwined but interacted and become fused within my creative spirit. The visual arts have influenced my musical compositions and interpretations and music has shaped my artistic designs.

Each of my works is my visual interpretation of a musical experience.  Glass is my medium because its texture, hue, and unique properties are as rich and varied as the aural colorations found in the timbres of musical tones and compositions. Because of the treatment of design, technique, and approach, I have been inspired by the glass works of Tiffany and modernist Boyadjiev, the designs of Christiansen, and the technique of Joaquin Sorolla whose oils shimmer in light as if they were composed of glass.

Just as in music where the melodic theme is fueled by the rhythmic flow that propels it forward, movement, balance, and rhythm are essential elements of my art.  The viewer is invited to encounter both fine art and musical expression in one, unique experience that evokes the sensual and intellectual pleasures of both.


The visual and aural arts have defined my life since I was a child – sketching my world while humming my own melodies and those of others.  I explored various media from oils to watercolor to pen and ink but never was satisfied with the expression.

In college, I majored in vocal music performance and singing became my primary art form. In 1980, I experienced the craft of stained glass and knew after completing my first piece that this was the medium through which I wanted to express my visual art.

After earning a Ph.D. and having a successful career as business college faculty and administrator, I became a business process consultant for higher education working with institutions throughout the U.S. and the U.K. I now return to my first love of melding music and glass in fine art leaded panels and smaller works.

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